The grind never stops for me, I shoot the videos myself and work on other recordings at once. Plus it's always good to own your clothes in photos! The next time you see a fresh video from me - don't forget that these are all shot by just being myself with nothing else added in post-production either; no expensive hairstyles or makeup applied afterwards like many other artists do nowadays.

I haven't felt like travelling since Covid and I don’t know why! But as soon as this covid thing blows over, you can bet that my wings will be back on. I plan to shoot some visuals in different locations when next year's vacation comes around because it has been awhile but also sometimes just being at home is nice too though lol !

I love to mix both baggy and tight clothes in my shoots, I'm a sucker for an oversized jersey but also enjoy wearing some sexy pants that show off all of your assets! No limits baby!!

The Experimentation Continues !!!

I am always on the search for new styles to wear when it comes time capture an image. I love how versatile black can be but recently found that brighter shades like blue or pink work better than their darker counterparts in some cases - especially if you want your photo shot lit with natural light instead of relying heavily upon front-facing cameras which often produce too much glare!