Honey Draws Inspiration From Various Sources When Creating Art

In her own words, Honey said that "Money Green" is about being humble and thankful for what you have. She also feels like it's important to make the most of your blessings in life because they'll never come back again!

Honey draws inspiration from various sources when creating art; one source might be an author whose work she studied recently or even something as simple at watching birds outside on a beautiful day with its natural beauty before us - all these things contribute greatly into our individual creativity but yet still leave room inside ourselves open so we can absorb everything around without feeling overwhelmed."

The feeling of creating art is indescribable. You can feel the emotions and excitement as you put your heart into every piece, making it come alive with color on paper or canvas for all to see (or maybe some just look at them). It's a great way express oneself creatively through different media like painting; photography; drawing... The list goes infinitely beyond what we know today!