Honey-B-Sweet is back with another hit song "Money Green"!

Honey B Sweet's "Money Green" is the perfect song to get you motivated to make some money! This high energy rap number has Honey delivering her verses with energy and spice, mixed with a little sweetness to give you that full flavour. With lyrics like, "No I'm not a thot, I'm a boss, you can keep ya money i'm good get lost, I don't need no sauce got these bitches on lock yeah you be on that bullshit I pay my own cost," this song will have you ready to take on the world and make some serious cash. So if you're looking for a rap song with attitude and lots of sass, be sure to check out Honey B Sweet's "Money Green."


The beautiful art on the album cover was created by Honey-B-Sweet, who took inspiration from the song's lyrics to create an original piece of artwork. There is also a large mural that embodies what you'll find inside this wonderful gift from us! (see above)

Honey-B-Sweet is like a bee, always busy, buzzing and in high demand. You can expect to see more of her music or artwork in the near future as she never stops working!