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For the last five years, I've been travelling from Australia to Los Angeles and Las Vegas in order work with various producers. One such encounter led me on an adventure writing music for a hit song called "Boom Boom Pow" featuring Afrojack which has received over 20 million streams! The success even caught up when it was featured on Dexter New Blood!

Music is my life. I want to make people feel powerful, motivated and excited no matter what topic we're talking about! Come rain or shine (or snow) you'll find me writing lyrics because that's where the magic happens for me-in adrenaline pumping moments inspired by dopamine highs created through creativity--that sense of vision turning into reality; seeing things as they should be seen when listening closely enough...

From a young age, I was obsessed with rhyming. In the classroom? No way! Instead of listening to what they had planned for that day's lesson plan in school - which usually involved some boring stuff like history or mathematics--all my attention focused on lists of words that would pair well together and make sense when read aloud: " float, boat, ship, trip... etc

My love for music began as a child, when I was introduced to the wonders of "2PAC" from there I explored other artists like Ice Cube and Bone Thugs-N -Harmony. I was also very inspired by powerful female artists like Destiny’s Child, TLC ,and Mariah Carey all capturing attention like no others did at their time – proving females could be just as powerful if not more so than males!